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This "Privacy Policy" is provided by the owner of Celeb Jihad to explain what information is collected and the way it is used whenever you browse

Personal Information

The only information that we gather is the information you provide us. When you leave a comment or communicate with us by email, you may elect to give us personally-identifiable information such as your name, email address, geographic location, or other information which could be used to locate or contact you. In truth, you're not really interesting to us.

Non-Personal Information

Our web host can gather non-personal information like the IP address of your computer, the kind of browser you're using, the site you came from and the operating system that you're using, your Internet service provider as well as the search terms that you search on our site and the pages you browse and the length of your visits and the size of your penis... I'm not even thinking about the last one.

Cookies does not utilize cookies unless you sign in to your account as a user.

Third-Party Advertising

We may make use of third-party advertising companies to show advertisements on These companies can use non-personal data about your visits to our site to display advertisements for products and services that may be relevant to users. Be aware of it!

This Privacy Policy at any time. Make sure to check it out regularly and you are such a geek. If you continue to use the website following any changes to this privacy policy means you accept the changes.


If you have any concerns regarding this Privacy Policy We invite you to contact us via

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